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Are you fed up with paying full price for everything you buy? Rebate International is here to change that! This cash back and discount platform provides a simple yet effective way to save money on everyday purchases – from groceries to travel bookings. In this manual, we’ll guide you how to maximize your savings with Rebate International.

How Rebate International Works

Rebate International is a cash back and discount platform that rewards you for your purchases. Signing up for free on the Rebate International website will grant you access to their website where, upon making a purchase, they’ll give you a percentage back in the form of cash rebate. Retailer rebate amounts range from 1%- 20%; expect savings ranging from these small percentages on your purchases.

Maximize Your Savings with Rebate International

Here exist some suggestions and schemes for making the most of your savings with Rebate International:

  • Online Shopping:

Always start at Rebate International when doing online shopping to guarantee the highest cash back rate available. Furthermore, use their browser extension to automatically apply any available coupons and discounts to your purchase.

  • Grocery Shopping with Rebate International:

Rebate International has partnered with many grocery stores and supermarkets, so that you can earn cash back on your weekly grocery bill. Just link your loyalty card to your Rebate International account, and the cash back will be credited automatically to your balance.

  • In-Store Shopping:

Not only can you do online and grocery shopping, but you can also get cash back for in-store purchases! All you own to do is connect your credit card to a Rebate International account and the cash back will be automatically deposited into your balance after making a purchase.

  • Travel Booking:

Planning a vacation? Book through Rebate International and receive cash back on flights, hotels, and rental cars when you use their travel booking service to find the best deals on flights and hotels. Plus, with their exclusive partner program, they ensure you always get the best prices available when searching for flights and accommodations.

  • Credit Card Rewards:

Finally, if you have a rewards credit card, make sure to use it when making purchases through Rebate International. Doing so will double your savings as both cash back from Rebate International and reward points from your credit card will be earned.


By pursuing these tips, you can maximize your savings with Rebate International. Whether shopping online, in-store or booking travel, take advantage of the cash back and discounts this platform offers. By linking loyalty cards and credit cards together, automatic receipts for cash back are ensured. So don’t delay – start using Rebate International today to start saving money on all purchases!

Rebate International

Rebate International
Rebate International
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